Air-Conditioning Equipment

The task of air-conditioning equipment is to create and maintain desired and required by law environmental conditions as for temperature, air humidity and ambient air quality in a room notwithstanding their fluctuations in outdoor environment.

Air-conditioning equipment is used in many spheres of application. For example, it is placed in department stores, concert halls, office blocks, dwelling-houses, museums, freight steamers, luxurious yachts and storage rooms.

For inside air, for example, it is necessary to maintain:

·         Temperature of indoor air – from 19 °C to 25 °C

·         Air humidity – from 20% to 70%

·         Ventilation must have no draught, i.e. almost not perceptible.

Modern air-conditioning equipment makes it possible to clean and filter air from pollen (highly allergic individuals know how it is important) as well as other substances from the streets with intense traffic that are destructive to health.

Air-conditioning equipment with its various capabilities also provides improvement of our life quality in private sphere. We render you an advisory opinion with delight.

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