Projects. Ships

The following list of our work that was so far executed on ships will help you to form a clear picture of our activity spectrum:

1999 M/S Container ship
      ● BRT Repair of a/c compressors with SWU in Singapore

2002 M/S Large passenger ship
      ● BRT Repair of plant and installation of new conduits for air-conditioning equipment in Hong-Kong

2003 M/Y Yacht 126 m New construction
      ● New installation of 4 compressors, 580 kW each, in France

2006 M/S Museum ship
      ● Replacement of entire ventilation, maintenance and repair of refrigerating installation for food in Germany

2007 M/T Tanker BRT
      ● Repair and maintenance of refrigerating installation for food, maintenance of cooling apparatuses for galley

2008 Research ship
      ● Disassembly of old cooling equipment and installation of new powerful cooling equipment in Germany


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