Physicians' House
Repair of the chiller, overhaul of the 4 AMP piston compressors, replacement of the control and regulating equipment, refrigerant changeover in order to increase operational safety

Repair TRANE screw compressor

Server farm
Repair HAll screw compressor

Laboratory building
Piping of the hygienic steam system
Removal of the existing cold rooms
Installation of a new cold room

Technical University
Special facility Kaskade 134a/Co2

Devices test bench
Special plant , process brine plant -25°C

Laboratory building
Repair CARRIER screw compressor

Research building
Extension of the air-conditioning cold-water piping system, adaptation of the hydraulic separatorNew installation of the steam piping system, new installation of the re-cooling system for the steam unitsNew installation of the plus and deep-freeze cell, compound unit

Office building
Repair chiller Replacing the control and regulating device