Reconstruction of air conditioning and refrigeration systems completed
HVAC -R, PLC external communication
General service on the main air conditioning system, extended service on the ventilation system.
Complete replacement of the ventilation system and ducts
New construction, troubleshooting and commissioning of 4 large CWU (850 kW each).
Replacement of 2 CWU (460 kW each), repair & rebuild of 3 AHU and the entire supply system

Passenger vessels

Complete renewal of insulation on the supply system piping and complete repair of the system.
Refrigerant changeover (R22 to R404A)
Major repair of the AC CWU
Major repair and reconstruction of the provision refrigerant piping system on two vessels

Container vessels

Refrigerant conversion (R22 to R404A)
Overhaul of compressors air conditioning refrigeration system
Complete service of AC system and refrigerant supply system

Tank vessels

Complete service for 4 ships in dry dock, main air conditioning system, provisioning air conditioning system and complete ventilation system.
Refrigerant conversion (R22 to R404A)

Tradtitional vessels

Replacement of 2 AHUs, connected services & upgrade.