Land facilities

Air conditioning

As specialists for air conditioning technology in industry and commercial facilities, we have been a reliable partner for all areas of modern air conditioning equipment for many years.


Klima Service Jork GmbH is your professional partner for industrial and commercial refrigeration. We develop and implement custom-fit solutions for cooling and freezing processes for your industrial and commercial purposes.


With our industrial ventilation systems and fans for commercial use, we ensure the proper ventilation of your buildings and premises. Our ventilation solutions are also used on ships of all kinds.

Piping systems

Benefit from our experience in special piping construction for laboratories: We take over the competent planning and implementation of piping in laboratories of all kinds, also in schools, universities, hospitals, in medical, pharmaceutical, chemical and research facilities.


As a specialist in air humidification systems, we ensure the right humidity in industrial buildings, laboratories, server rooms, offices and other commercial spaces.

Control plants

For our air conditioning, ventilation and refrigeration systems, we carry a wide range of control equipment that handles complex control processes. The requirements analysis and consulting for air conditioning, ventilation or refrigeration systems includes the selection of the appropriate switchgear or control system as part of your customized solution.